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  • When we simply listen to information, only 10% of us are likely to remember that information three days later. However, when paired with a relevant image, 65% of us retain the information three days later (source). 

    This really highlights the positive impacts of combining text and visual content together within your marketing communications. And, whilst using visual content within marketing is nothing new, and it is only set to get bigger, so is definitely worth putting some extra time and effort into going forward.

    We can capture your brand through cutting-edge web design and reach your audience with qualified digital marketing. All from TPC Hosting.

    Based in Leicester with offices in Nottingham, we go above and beyond in everything we do. If you’re looking to revitalise your brand with a new website, our talented designers will work with you to bring your idea to life.

    If you want to expand on your marketing efforts and tackle the world of digital, we’re here to help carve your path. As a full service agency, we pride ourselves on delivering results for our clients through every step of the journey.

    At TPC Hosting we consider website design as an essential part of the overall online existence.

    We at TPC Hosting focus on creating gorgeous web user interfaces. We focus on creating website design services that are affordable and attractive. We value top quality design solutions.


    Gorgeous Web Interfaces for Businesses


    Our family of Word Press web designers and developers, ecommerce website designers and pretty much any website design help us stand tall against some of the best website design and development companies online. Need something different like custom Word Press web designs? Look no further. Our team of Word Press website designers are enough to take over your project. Additionally, our Word Press website designers also look over the web maintenance after the project is deployed. Our web design and development team thinks hugely different when it comes to making gorgeous web interfaces. Reach us today and discuss your web design or development project. We provide our customers with results through pocket-friendly packages.


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