• Digital Signage

  • GoDigiPix are proud to supply digital signage solutions for SMEs and large businesses within the UK. These include the commercial, education, healthcare, leisure & local authority sectors and emergency services. All the digital signage solutions are tailored to the exact specification requirements to meet the customer’s needs, and each installation is backed up with on-going support by highly experienced, manufacturer accredited and trained technicians.


    Whether it’s on the side of a building, at a train station, or even in a reception area, digital signage is gradually replacing traditional printed point-of-sale and advertising spaces.


    As a full-service, end-to-end provider of  digital signage, GoDigiPix make the integration into your business incredibly efficient and guarantee the highest possible quality end product.


    From designing and installation, to support and training, GoDigiPix devise bespoke solutions using the latest digital signage products from leading suppliers – giving your business a true independent digital signage installation service.


    Interested? Then please contact them today to find out more, or tell them about your own digital signage requirements.



  • Digital signage has revolutionised the way messages and advertisements are displayed. With vibrancy as well as dynamic media (videos, audio etc.) digital signage truly offers a standout solution to suit many business’ needs.

    From brand awareness and advertising to getting across vital information to employees or the general public, digital signs are leading the way in the information age and is why GoDigiPix provide an end to end service.

    Unlike conventional signage, the digital variety can display multimedia content from images and video to streamed media, web pages, social media and animated text. This capability makes digital signage more engaging and eye-catching than its counter-part.

    The popularity of digital signage springs partly from its scheduling functionality. Users can group content into playlists and allocate different times of the day, week or month for it to play. This makes the technology a widely useful marketing and communication tool. 

     Who can benefit from digital signage?

    Almost anyone can benefit from digital signage. A wide range of industries use the technology, whether it’s to communicate with staff, market to customers or generate advertising revenue. Below are just some of the sectors we already work with and how signage is used.

    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Corporate
    • Entertainment
    • Real Estate
    • Advertising

    To find out how we can revolutionise your business with Digital Signage and Marketing Contact Us or go to our website godigipix.com

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